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Messages from Rev. Nan L. White, RVUUF Developmental Minister from 2014 to 2017

Nan’s News: May you bless each other

This is my last Nan’s News.

I want to share with you the standard expectations when a minster leaves a congregation. In an effort to make room for and respect the incoming minister (even when you don’t yet know when/who that will be) and to bring closure with the outgoing minister, the request is for members of RVUUF to not have communication exchanges with me for a year. There will be continued communication between me and ministers who are interested in RVUUF. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

I want to make sure you know what to do if/when a member dies or a hospital crises occurs. Chaplain Pandora Canton with Asante hospital in Ashland has agreed to be available if needed. Your Board President, Jim Meckel, will have her contact information. The RVUUF Caring Team would need to be contacted by emailing Contacting the neighborhood group leader would be helpful too.

Over the next couples of months your new Board will be working on creating a covenant that will help them become unified in the their leadership. I encourage you to continue to use the covenant of right relations as a standard of how you want to be together, especially in the near future when the search for a Developmental minister continues.

You’ve blessed my life. May you bless each other.

May it be so.

Rev. Nan L. White
RVUUF Developmental Minister (2014-2017)

Nan’s News: ‘We’ of RVUUF, is standing together

In 2014 I was told by the search committee that what RVUUF was looking for in a minister was to help you move from an “I” church to a “We” church and to help you practice right relations and compassionate communication.
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Nan’s News: Cynthia Parkhill is leaving RVUUF

It is with gratitude and thanksgiving alongside sadness that Cynthia Parkhill will be leaving RVUUF. She has been the Religious Exploration Administrative Coordinator, a five-hour a week position, for the past three years. She has worked in collaboration with Lead Teacher Liz Bianco, supporting the teachers and children in the Sunday morning Religious Exploration program. Cynthia has also been RVUUF’s web editor for the new website and will continue that five-hour a month position for now. We are grateful her life crossed RVUUF’s path and wish the best for her and her husband, Jonathan, in their journey back to California.

Rev. Nan L. White
RVUUF Developmental Minister

Nan’s News: Change is only constant in our lives

As I write this article for April, it’s the first day of spring and sunny outside. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the earth and her turning seasons, especially the visible transformation from winter to spring. As long as the winter has remained with us this year, the reality of all the work done in the dark, underground, and out of our sight, is astounding to now see the colorful beauty that is bursting forth each day.
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