‘A Conversation About Race’

“A Conversation About Race” takes place from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, April 9 at RVUUF. There are a limited number of spots, so please sign up by April 3 with Diane Werich via RVUUF’s contact form.

This conversation utilizes the “Race Toolkit Project,” developed by the Racial Equity Coalition. The project is designed to bring people together to talk about “the difficult subject of race.” Facilitators have been trained on how to make this conversation as safe as possible.

‘We the People 2.0,’ screening at RVUUF

Promotional image for 'We the People 2.0' documentaryRVUUF’s Social Justice & Action Committee will screen “We the People 2.0,” 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 30, in the Great Hall at RVUUF. “We the People 2.0” traces two centuries of legal decisions in America that elevated corporate rights “at the expense of Nature and our civil rights.” It also addresses the movement to create “Community Bills of Rights” that benefit people and the planet instead of corporate interests. Thursday’s screening is co-sponsored by Democracy Now.

Nan’s News: Change is only constant in our lives

As I write this article for April, it’s the first day of spring and sunny outside. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the earth and her turning seasons, especially the visible transformation from winter to spring. As long as the winter has remained with us this year, the reality of all the work done in the dark, underground, and out of our sight, is astounding to now see the colorful beauty that is bursting forth each day.
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Steward’s Corner: Haven for spiritual preferences, social values and personal growth

My upbringing still leaves its mark of Sunday morning meaning church. So it follows that I have a need to fill that space with something related to spirituality. That would be a community outside my family with whom I can share spiritual preferences, social and political values and personal growth. RVUUF’s many programs, vibrant membership and ministerial guidance fulfill all of these needs. I also believe that the Rogue Valley needs a UU affiliate to provide a haven for those who cannot in good conscience join a Christian or other mainstream religious organization.

If we want to keep our doors open, keep qualified, talented staff, quality programs and well maintained infrastructure then we must financially support our Fellowship to the best of our abilities. These are the main reasons I pledge.

Elysia Iverson
Member/Supporter of RVUUF