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Recycling news and tips from RVUUF “Master Recyclers” Ann Hackett and Adrienne Kimmy

Hazardous Waste Drop-Off on May 6

RVUUFians, do you have any hazardous waste to take to the Annual Hazardous Waste Drop-Off on May 6? Cost is still only $5 per household. The EarthKeepers are offering to haul your waste for you if you bring it to RVUUF between 9 and 10 a.m. Saturday, May 6, and pay your $5. (if you need to make special arrangements for a drop off prior to that time, use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Linden Crouch.
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EarthKeepers: Ashland Water Street Recycle Depot – NOTES

Plastic Lids: Yes, there is a box next to the commingled recyclables bin for plastic lids, BUT, it is just thrown in the regular garbage. So no need to save them and take them there. You are just passing your garbage on to the Depot, which then puts it in its regular garbage.

Nancy’s Yogurt Containers and Lids: The Depot does have use for Nancy’s Yogurt containers and lids. Only this brand and only for 16oz and 32oz containers. You may take clean containers and lids to the attendant for special handling. These are reused as food pantry containers. And again, they can only be Nancy’s brand for standardization of use.

Soft plastic: You can take soft plastic to the Depot. There are two bins for collection between the dumpsters on the back fence wall – completely clear NO INK and All Other. The clear plastic is purchased at a higher price than the other plastic. If you can’t or don’t want to sort your soft plastic, please put all of it in the Other bin.

CFL Lightbulbs: You may take three CFL lightbulbs per day to the attendant.

Corrugated Cardboard: Please don’t place corrugated cardboard in the commingled bin. It has a higher resale value due to its fiber content and should be flattened and placed in the corrugated cardboard bins.

Commingled Recycle Bins: Please READ the list of what can go in the commingled bins. If it isn’t on the list, it should NOT go in the bins! If in doubt, do NOT put it in the bins as you are contaminating the contents for recycle purposes.

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts: If you have clean styrofoam packing peanuts, place them in a bag and hand them to the attendant. Those are kept on site and are available for public reuse for free…just ask the attendant.

Cellphones & Printer Cartridges: You may place old cellphones (minus the battery) and empty or old printer cartridges in the slots in the wall next to the glass dropoff points in the building. NO Toner cartridges – only ink cartridges.

Ann Hackett and Adrienne Kimmy

What do I do with that plastic now that there isn’t a plastic roundup?

The only two plastic items that can be put in your commingled recycle bin are 1) plastic bottles (clean, NO lids, neck smaller than the body of the bottle), and 2) plastic tubs (clean, NO lids, cottage cheese, sourcream, salsa, etc.). Plastic bags and film can be taken to the Ashland Water Street Recycle Depot and to “some” big box stores (e.g., Home Depot, Lowes, major grocery chains most located in Medford.) Packing peanuts can be taken to the Ashland Water Street Recycle Depot and handed to the attendant, and you may also go there and ask for packing peanuts for your personal use.
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Hazardous waste drop-off

RVUUFians, do you have any hazardous waste to take to the annual Hazardous Waste Drop-off on May 7? Cost is still only $5 per household. Why $5 per household? It actually costs Rogue Disposal $100 per household on average to properly dispose of the materials. Some of it is shipped to locations across the country to disposal sites for that specific material.
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Electronics must be discarded responsibly

As our society continues to embrace electronic technologies, there is an increasing need for responsible disposal and recovery of these discarded resources. In the absence of federal standards, and only a minority of states implementing disposal standards, e-waste makes its way into landfills, black markets, and to impoverished nations who are not equipped to safely dispose of the toxic components. However, with a ban on e-waste in the landfills and a state program for e-waste collection, Oregon and the Rogue Valley in particular, are leading the charge on proper disposal and recovery of e-waste.
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Recycling or hazardous waste disposal?

It is a common misconception that “recycling” is free or should be free. It costs money for recycling centers to do recycling. Some items require extensive processes to properly recycle. Examples would be Batteries and Fluorescent Light Bulbs and CFL’s. The following info will provide you options that are better than throwing things in the landfill. In fact, Fluorescent Bulbs and CFL’s are banned from local landfills.
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Recycling tips from ‘Master Recycler’ class

Ann Hackett and Adrienne Kimmy are currently taking the “Master Recycler” class on behalf of RVUUF. They will begin to share tips regarding recycling in the Rogue Valley as they progress through the class. If you have any specific questions you’d like Ann and Adrienne to ask during the class, please connect with Ann via RVUUF’s contact form.
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