Children’s Program

Adults and children walk along a rock path through a wooded setting

Family retreat at Camp Latgawa, August 2016. Photo by Aleyda Mark

Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship offers a year-round liberal religious experience drawn from our UU traditions, which affirm the great spiritual truths of all religions. RVUUF’s Religious Explorations (R.E.) program seeks to assist each child and youth in nurturing a spiritual life, ethical awareness, a UU identity and faith development.

R.E. ‘Quick Links’

About our program

R.E. classes coincide with Sunday worship times (10:30 to 11:30 a.m.). During the school year (September to May), children participate with their families in the Chalice Lighting in the church’s Great Hall. This is followed by a Story for All Ages. Adults then “sing out” the children, teachers and volunteers to their classes.

During the summer, children go directly to their classes without first joining services.

Children ages 0 to 4 are welcome in the Nursery for playtime and snacks. Nursery begins at 10:30 a.m. and continues until noon. Classrooms are staffed by an R.E. teaching team member, assisted by an adult volunteer. Children of guests are welcome.

Teaching Philosophy

Our Unitarian Universalist principles are shared with our children through a dynamic curriculum that incorporates experiential learning and uses the expressive arts. The classroom learning is extended into the larger community with a focus on compassionate community service.

Our Multigenerational Community

Throughout the year, worship activities and special events embrace a community of all ages. RVUUF’s youngest members have an opportunity to join multigenerational services such as Water Communion and Day of the Dead.

Enrolling your child

To ensure that children have a safe and positive experience, we ask that parents/guardians complete a participation form, a Permission to Use Photographs form and Medical Information form. We also ask parents/guardians to keep these forms up-to-date by filling out a new one as necessary. This form can be downloaded and filled-out in advance, or obtained from teachers on Sunday.

Volunteering in the R.E. Program

In the spirit of a cooperative religious community, adults with or without children in the R.E. program participate in the shared teaching of Unitarian Universalism. In accordance with our Safe Congregation practices, volunteers provide a necessary second adult during activities with children and youth.

Classroom assistants can help prepare snacks, join children in the garden, share stories or talents or play a simpler supporting role. They are an important addition to our classrooms and help our children to be part of an intergenerational experience. If you would like to volunteer in an R.E. classroom, we can connect you with Neighborhood Team leaders who are in charge of scheduling volunteers.

For More Information

Use RVUUF’s contact form to request more information from the Religious Explorations Administrative Coordinator.