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Nan’s News: ‘We’ of RVUUF, is standing together

In 2014 I was told by the search committee that what RVUUF was looking for in a minister was to help you move from an “I” church to a “We” church and to help you practice right relations and compassionate communication.
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UUA President Peter Morales resigns

In a March 30 letter to the Unitarian Universalist Board of Trustees, UUA President Peter Morales resigned from office effective April 1.

In his letter, Morales cited an earlier note regarding the UUA’s hiring practices and lack of diversity in senior leadership: “In my hasty effort I created more hurt for those already hurting. I failed to lead appropriately. I reacted when I should have listened. I am deeply sorry.”

At UU World, editor Christopher L. Walton has compiled a timeline of events, with links to news articles, original documents and updates.

‘A Conversation About Race’

“A Conversation About Race” takes place from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, April 9 at RVUUF. There are a limited number of spots, so please sign up by April 3 with Diane Werich via RVUUF’s contact form.

This conversation utilizes the “Race Toolkit Project,” developed by the Racial Equity Coalition. The project is designed to bring people together to talk about “the difficult subject of race.” Facilitators have been trained on how to make this conversation as safe as possible.