Committees, Teams, Groups

Please use our contact form to connect with these groups.

Adult Education – Contact: Marcia Sandler.

Auction – Organizes RVUUF’s annual auction fundraiser

Board of Directors – Contact: Jim Meckel.

Buildings, Aesthetics and Grounds – Maintains RVUUF’s buildings and grounds. Identifies areas of the buildings and grounds that need attention and/or improvements. Responds to physical problems in or affecting the property and either fixes or solves the problem, or arranges to have it fixed. Contact: Fran Petschek and Ellen Gardner (Buildings, Aesthetics) and Bill Montfort and Jan Waitt (Grounds).

Caring Team – Members care for members when an event occurs in their life, for example, a death of a loved one, a hospitalization, or a ride to a doctor’s appointment. If you learn of a need within our fellowship, please Contact the Minister directly.

Conflict Resolution Team – Contact: Diane Werich.

Denominational Affairs – Contact: Mitzi Loftus.

Earth Keepers Conservation – Focuses upon things the congregation can do as a group to reduce the carbon footprint. Contact: Diane Werich.

Endowment Trust – Provides long-term financial support to RVUUF and causes supported by the Fellowship through grants for specific purposes. Contact: Don Felt.

Fellowship Fun Committee – The Fellowship Fun Committee organizes social functions that promote fellowship in the RVUUF community. Committee members strive to practice compassion, nurture each other’s spirit and to have fun doing it. Contact: Lois Pettinger.

Fellowship Ministry – The Committee on Fellowship Ministry promotes the wellbeing of the Congregation’s total ministry through assessments, feedback, recommendations, and education. In coordination with the Reconciliation Team, it supports the healthy resolution of conflicts within the Congregation. Contact: Kathy Block-Brown.

Finance Committee – Prepares a budget and monitors its implementation. Contact: Joe Martone.

Garden Committee – Contact: Jan Limb.

Great Decisions – Contact: Dave Baker.

History Keepers – Contact: Elinor Knight.

History Writers – Contact: Beth Coye.

Kitchen Committee – Ensures that RVUUF’s kitchen is in shape for use by running and/or emptying the dishwasher, laundering soiled linens, tossing foods that have reached their expiration, tidying counters and checking supplies. Contact: Susan Meek.

Legacy Circle – Janet Dolan

Library Committee – Oversees RVUUF’s lending library. Contact: Elinor Knight.

Medford Unitarian Universalists – Offers a gathering place for worship and open-minded discussion. It serves those who live in or near Medford and enjoy the intimacy of a small community. Contact: Pat Latham.

Membership Committee – Welcomes members, friends and visitors to Sunday services, facilitates potential members joining RVUUF and integrates new members into the Fellowship. Contact: Colleen Chambers.

Music Committee – Contact: Annette Lewis.

Neighborhood Teams – On a rotating basis, neighborhood teams fill supportive roles during Sunday services: including greeters, ushers, roamer, decor, Religious Explorations classroom volunteers, food, coffee, set-up and clean-up.

Nominating and Leadership Training Committee – Assists RVUUF’s governing board in the selection of requisite-committee chairs. It also assists in the recruitment of suitable Endowment trustees.


Religious Exploration – Assists children and youth in nurturing a spiritual life, ethical awareness, a UU identity and faith development. Contact: Lead Teacher Liz Bianco.

RVUUF Builders – Staffs the church’s front office with volunteers on weekday mornings. RVUUF Builders also provides volunteer support to various other committees and activities. Contact: Colleen Chambers.

Safety Team – Contact: Jim Meckel.

Small Group Ministry – Mary Rexford and Carole Hesse

Social Justice and Action Committee – Supports RVUUF’s mission to “Engage the wider community through social action and promotion of social justice.” Contact: Diane Werich and Linden Crouch.


Technology Committee – Anticipates and meets RVUUF’s technology needs and stimulates effective use of new technology in fulfilling the mission of RVUUF. Contact: Conrad Gardner.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee – Advances human rights and social justice in the areas of Rights in Humanitarian Crises, Environment Justice, Economic Justice and Civil Liberties. Contact: Diane Werich.

Worship Committee – Works with the minister and in close collaboration with the music director to present high-quality Sunday services throughout the year.