RVUUF was formally organized on Nov. 15, 1953. It is an autonomous congregation and governs itself using bylaws that were created when the fellowship became a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of congregations.

The congregation votes on a slate of names from the membership at the annual meeting, which is usually near the end of the the fiscal year (July-June). A Nominating Committee is elected by the congregation and is charged with presenting names for election of the Board of Directors.

  • Board of Directors for: 2016-2017
    •  Officers
      • Jim Meckel – President
      • Katy Fox – Vice President
      • Lyn Godsey – Treasurer
      • Alex Lukacs – Secretary
    • Directors
      • Delores Nims
      • Joanie Kintscher
      • Courtney Bucolo
      • Reverend Nan White (ex-officio)

RVUUF’s Five-Year Goals
“We, the members of the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, commit ourselves to implementing the following five goals for the 5 year period beginning with the 2015-16 Church year. We will:

  1. Strengthen the ongoing health of this Beloved Community by adhering to the Covenant of Right Relations in all our interactions with Fellowship members and staff.
  2. Rebuild our governance structure and operations in order to clarify responsibilities of committees and staff and allocate appropriate authority to carry out those responsibilities.
  3. Encourage members to take on leadership roles and support their leadership efforts.
  4. Promote a culture of generosity by providing a variety of ways members may contribute to the Fellowship on a year-round basis.
  5. Commit to actively participating in promoting the purpose, mission and vision of our congregation.”

RVUUF Governance
The RVUUF Governance Google-site includes RVUUF bylaws, RVUUF Board document archives and Policy and Procedure documents.

Financial Statements

Policies and Procedures

Board Minutes, Jan. 2015 to present
Board Minutes, 2014 and earlier

RVUUF Endowment Trust Annual Report for 2014-2015
RVUUF organizational charts