Sunday Morning Services

RVUUF choir members singing in RVUUF's Great Hall

RVUUF Choir performs during Sunday worship. Photo courtesy of Annette Lewis

Services take place each Sunday morning in RVUUF’s Great Hall. Gathering music begins at 10:25 a.m. and the service starts at 10:30 a.m. If you’d like to begin Sunday fellowship early, consider joining a 25-year UU breakfast tradition at a restaurant on Ashland’s Plaza. The group currently meets at Greenleaf, 49 N. Main St. in Ashland, and usually sits upstairs. Arrival is between 8:45 and 9 a.m.

The RVUUF Choir uplifts the congregation with its voices, and new members are welcome. Our Religious Explorations program for children and youth is offered each Sunday during the service, including nursery care for toddlers and infants. Afterwards we offer coffee and tea with social time, allowing you to meet and greet each other as we build Beloved Community together.

July 30: On the Draining of Swamps
Rev. Jay Atkinson reflects briefly on Unitarian Universalist history, with an eye toward freeing ourselves from white supremacy in a transformative way.

In last fall’s campaign, Donald Trump spoke of “draining the swamp” of Washington’s political insiders. Five months later, we have had a mirror held up to our eyes, reflecting what many identify, despite our best intentions, as a swamp of “white supremacy” within our very own UU movement. Is it enough for us just to escape from this swamp, or do we go back for a hard look at our UU history and face the deeper challenge of draining the swamp once and for all?

Aug. 6: World Peace and Transformation Through Music
“Peace Troubadour” Cecilia St.King will present a message of world peace and transformation through music. Ms. St.King is an international performer who has been featured as the keynote musician at the United Nations Culture of Peace Week and at the Gandhi Institute. She has been named an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation.

Aug. 13: Information unavailable

Aug. 20: Come, Sing a Song with Me
“Come, Sing a Song with Me” is the theme of the day, as Music Director Shaun Garner leads us in a “songfest” of hymn favorites. Historical backgrounds of familiar hymns will be included, and we will hear about the latest research regarding the many benefits of singing. Bring your voices!

Aug. 27: Information unavailable