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Steward’s Corner: Our small lights can help dispel darkness

On summer nights, when I was young, I would lean out my bedroom window and gaze at the New York City skyline. Since the “Parkway” ran close-by the house, I could also watch the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Sunday evenings, from families returning from a weekend at the Jersey Shore. Years later you could see the Twin Towers being built from that same window.
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Steward’s Corner: Fellowship has important place in our lives

Shortly after moving to the U.S. in 1975 we became disillusioned with dogmatic religions and stayed away from churches. This changed after our daughters introduced us to Unitarianism in the church they attended in Seattle. This experience made us realize that its focus was much closer to our beliefs, so when we moved to Ashland we sought out the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
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Steward’s Corner: Haven for spiritual preferences, social values and personal growth

My upbringing still leaves its mark of Sunday morning meaning church. So it follows that I have a need to fill that space with something related to spirituality. That would be a community outside my family with whom I can share spiritual preferences, social and political values and personal growth. RVUUF’s many programs, vibrant membership and ministerial guidance fulfill all of these needs. I also believe that the Rogue Valley needs a UU affiliate to provide a haven for those who cannot in good conscience join a Christian or other mainstream religious organization.

If we want to keep our doors open, keep qualified, talented staff, quality programs and well maintained infrastructure then we must financially support our Fellowship to the best of our abilities. These are the main reasons I pledge.

Elysia Iverson
Member/Supporter of RVUUF