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President’s Post: Time to pass the gavel

This is my last President’s post as I am handing the gavel to …? I want to thank my fellow Board members and the Congregation for the opportunity to serve as your president for the past two years. This position has changed me. I have a greater appreciation for our community and increased self-confidence. I intend to remain on the Board another year to ensure a smooth transition to the new president. I love how RVUUF has evolved in the past two years. We are making every child, youth, and adult who walks in the front door feel cherished.
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President’s Post: RVUUF staff and volunteers do great job

I am pleased to report that our RVUUF staff and volunteers are doing a great job. The Finance Committee has created a 2016-17 budget. Stewardship, led by Jim Meckel, has nearly completed the pledge drive, which included inspiring talks on gratitude by Mary Rexford, Krynn Lukacs and Shaun Garner.
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