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President’s Report for annual Congregational Meeting on May 22, 2016

In the spring of 2014, Congregants met to do strategic planning and developed the following five-year goals for 2014-2015: We, the member of the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, commit ourselves to implementing the following five goals for the five-year period beginning with the 2015-2016 church year.
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Medford UUs discuss life after death

Joanne Kliehunas, PhD will discuss the latest research and thinking by scholars about life after death, 1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 24, at the Medford Senior Center Annex, 510 E. Main St., off E. Eighth Street near Riverside. Her presentation will be followed by questions and discussion. RVUUF members and friends are urged to attend.

Kliehunas has taught “Talking About Dying as if It Might Happen To Us” at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Ashland for four years. More recently, she led a class titled “Theories of the Afterlife,” based on a book called The Modern Book of the Dead. She is a hospice volunteer and has been an instructor and volunteer with Choosing Options, Honoring Options (COHO) Rogue Valley and its educational programs on end-of-life planning. Kliehunas has attended conferences and studied theories of the afterlife for the last three years.

Amnesty International letter-writing campaign

The Medford UU group is hosting an Amnesty International letter-writing campaign, “Write for Rights,” noon to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20 at the Medford Library, Large Conference Room.

According to Pat Latham, “The more letters we write, the better our chances of freeing prisoners of conscience, halting child marriages, stopping executions, ending torture and defending human rights. There are 12 cases needing urgent support right now.”

In addition to writing or signing letters, help is needed with set-up, clean-up and facilitating the event.

Donations of money to help with postage ($1.40 for each letter abroad), donations of plain stationery (for appeal letters to officials) or donations of greeting cards (for solidarity letters to prisoners) would also be appreciated. If you can offer additional help, use RVUUF’s Contact Form to connect with Pat Latham.

Soul Matters’ ‘Grace,’ discussion in Medford

The Medford UU Group will use the November materials on “Grace” for its service on Nov. 8. Afterward, the group will decide if it wishes to continue with future Soul Matters programs on one of its regular Sundays each month. (The other Sunday would generally have a “sermon” or presenter.) The group will also consider picking another day each month for those who are interested. To obtain a PDF or paper copy of the November Soul Matters materials, use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Pat Latham. Medford UUs are invited to look at the reading, try one of the exercises or consider one of the questions. People who wish to share during the Nov. 8 meeting are asked to limit their comments to 3 minutes or less.

‘Meaty questions’ for Medford UUs

The Medford Unitarian Universalists meet at 1 p.m. on second and fourth Sundays in the Classroom Annex of the Medford Senior Center, located at 510 E. Main St. off E. Eighth Street near Riverside. The speaker scheduled for Aug. 9 had to postpone his talk because of technical issues, so the group will probably have one more discussion of “meaty questions.” For more information, call 541-899-1026. View the Medford UUs’ August newsletter (Opens in new window)” for a complete list of August events.

Annual Minister’s Report 2015

As I wind up year one of Developmental Ministry I want to share with the membership my annual report now instead of the end of the summer when other reports are due. My report includes the goals I set for myself and the results, plus I reflect on areas to consider as we move into a new fiscal year. If you find you have something you want to talk with me about my report I would appreciate you asking me to set up an appointment when I return from study and vacation leave on Sept. 1. — Blessings, Rev. Nan
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Medford UUs meet on June 28

The Medford Unitarian Universalists meet at 1 p.m. on second and fourth Sundays in the Classroom Annex of the Medford Senior Center, located at 510 E. Main St., off E. Eighth Street near Riverside. The program for Sunday, June 28 is titled, “A Few of the Meaty Questions,” discussing such topics as, “What or Who is God? What do we UUs think about him/her/it?” “Who Do You Pray To?” and “What is ‘Grace’?” For more information, call 541-899-1026.