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Letter writing for Clean Energy Jobs Bill

RVUUF’s Social Justice and Action (SJ&A) Committee will hold a letter-writing campaign for the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, in the Foyer after the service on Sunday, Dec. 10. Stamped postcards, addressed to Oregon State Senator Alan DeBoer, will be available.

SJ&A will also have information on Measure 101, the health care measure on the ballot on Jan. 23. The measure, if passed, will help maintain health care in the state of Oregon. For further information, RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Diane Werich.

Faithify campaign for UU congregation supporting water-protection activists

A Faithify campaign has been created to assist the Bismarck-Mandan UU Congregation in North Dakota. The congregation’s part-time minister and congregation of 63 have been working as full-time “faithful allies” to Standing Rock Sioux activists who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. The congregation first served as a place to ship supplies and provide transport to the activist camps. It later provided help to numerous UUs from 16 U.S. states who arrived to join the activists in the camps. The Faithify campaign would compensate the Bismarck-Mandan minister for her full-time efforts “on our behalf and on the behalf of justice.”

Climate-justice support at RVUUF

RVUUF’s Social Justice and Action Committee is encouraging support for Clergy Climate Action’s Call for Climate Justice. Clergy Climate Action’s letter reads in part:

“As religious leaders, we have an essential role to play in the climate justice movement. We are called to lift up hope and faith as antidotes to despair and denial. We hold hope in the love that made this world, and hope that this crisis is an opportunity to incite the moral courage of our generation. We hold faith in the human spirit and faith in God to guide us to courageous and visionary action. We are not assured success. We only know we are called to play our part.” (Clergy Climate Action)

Signers (clergy or spiritual leaders, congregants and community members) pledge to undertake direct action and civil disobedience to protest fossil fuel expansion.

Healthy climate rally at Oregon capitol

Group of people stand on steps outside Oregon capitol building. Many of them hold umbrellas. In front of them, they hold a green banner displaying an outline of the state of Oregon inside two interlocking golden circles. Inside the state outline, a caption reads, 'Voices for Justice.' The bottom of the banner is obscured by a gold banner held in front of it. This banner is decorated with a rough black outline of a heart and the caption in white letters, 'Standing on the Side of Love.' width=

Photo via Oregon UU Voices for Justice

RVUUF member Dave Hyde was among Unitarian Universalists from Oregon congregations at a “healthy climate” rally at the Oregon capitol, Feb. 3 in Salem, Oregon. “We make a vibrant crowd when we all turn out,” Rev. Katie Larsell commented in Oregon UU Voices for Justice’s Feb. 12 eNewsletter. The rally was organized by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

RVUUF is more than Sunday morning gathering

The month of March proved to be one where RVUUFians gathered together for more times than at a Sunday morning service. For example, Chalice Circles with 10-12 people met often during the weeks, a Saturday planning day included 45 people who chose to spend their time and energy on behalf of the whole congregation, a UU history class for those who couldn’t attend the class on a Sunday was offered, and a service of healing was held on a Friday evening where 15 people supported each other with compassionate care and love. On top of that, numerous committees met during week days around a table to plan and participate in trying to help RVUUF function in healthy, productive and meaningful ways. Continue reading