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Nan’s News: ‘We’ of RVUUF, is standing together

In 2014 I was told by the search committee that what RVUUF was looking for in a minister was to help you move from an “I” church to a “We” church and to help you practice right relations and compassionate communication.
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Nan’s News: Change is only constant in our lives

As I write this article for April, it’s the first day of spring and sunny outside. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the earth and her turning seasons, especially the visible transformation from winter to spring. As long as the winter has remained with us this year, the reality of all the work done in the dark, underground, and out of our sight, is astounding to now see the colorful beauty that is bursting forth each day.
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September, a month for in-gathering

Exactly one year ago I began filling RVUUF’s free pulpit on the Sunday of the annual Water Ceremony. This second year of Developmental Ministry, I return from study and vacation time on the very same Sunday as we gather-in from the summer months and share our stories with each other while pouring water into the common bowl, a symbol of our interconnectedness.
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