Our Great Hall/Sanctuary may be rented for private and community events.

Below you will find information on how to check on availability, rental rates, policies, and insurance requirements. You’ll also find information about the space, including a photograph, capacity, available tables and chairs, restrooms, food service options, and more.

Rental Process:

To request space, follow the process below.

Step 1 – Check out our Facility Description to see if it might fit your needs.

Step 2 – Check the RVUUF Calendar of Events for space availability and alternative dates.

Step 3 – Review our Rental Rates and Building Use Rules.

Step 4 – Review our Renter Insurance Requirements.

Step 5 – Complete a Rental Inquiry/Reservation Form.

Step 6 – Our Volunteer Rental Coordinator will create a Building Use Agreement and send it to you via email.

Step 7 – Sign and return a copy of the Building Use Agreement with your deposit(s). This will confirm your reservation and hold the space for you.

Step 8 – Pay the rental fee 30 days prior to your event.

Finally, if you need more information or have questions, please call 541-482-4755 x 13 or send an email to We welcome your inquiries!


Facility Description:
Great Hall/Sanctuary – The beautiful arched wooden beamed ceilings and a gorgeous back-lit stained glass window at the back of the stage makes our Great Hall/Sanctuary a lovely choice for weddings, memorials and other special and memorable milestone events.

The Great Hall/Sanctuary capacity per the fire marshal is 303, although it is typically set up for 188 on the main floor, and 47 in the balcony. The additional 50 cushioned folding chairs provide total seating for 285. The beauty of this room makes it a frequent choice for weddings; The Great Hall offers generally favorable acoustics, though somewhat diminished in the Balcony. With windows all along the south wall and some in the east wall, the space cannot be totally darkened except at night.

There is an 8’ by 12’ projection screen that can be lowered from the ceiling above the chancel platform.

PA System
Performers, performance groups and presenters are encouraged to make arrangements for sound amplification with an outside service. While the high quality monaural PA type sound system has occasionally served a performer or two, performers should note that there are no monitor speakers. Four wired microphones are available for use with the PA system.

Some additional equipment may be available upon advance arrangement, with additional rental fees and technical support charges. These include audio to accompany video projection, a single handheld wireless microphone, additional wired microphones (including two instrument microphones), playing of recorded sound and recording from the sound system. Please check the appropriate box on the form to have a sound technician contact you if your sound needs are more complex than a simple PA system allows.”

Those having specific needs, wishes or requirements should determine if those needs can be satisfied when first considering renting the facility. Fulfilling particular needs or requirements often depends upon the availability of RVUUF’s limited technical personnel for a specific date or time.

The front entrance to RVUUF’s main building and the doors to the Great Hall have level thresholds, as do its restrooms and administrative offices. The restrooms include stalls that are wheelchair-accessible. There is a curb-cut on the corner of C and Fourth streets next to RVUUF’s side yard.

Our kitchen is not an “approved kitchen”, so food cannot be prepared in our kitchen and then served to the public. You may only use the kitchen to store commercially prepackaged food and beverages used or sold at your event.

Building Use Rules:

  • Renter must enter and leave through the front, double doors.
  • All events must be concluded, clean up accomplished, and building and grounds vacated by 11:00 PM.
  • Renter must close and lock all windows that were open when user occupied the facilities.
  • Renter may use only the area specified in the Building Use Agreement, plus rest rooms and halls.
  • The hallway beyond the exit to the parking lot is to be used only when meeting rooms have been rented.
  • Food is not allowed in the main hall, except under the balcony.
  • The facility must be left in the condition it was found. User is responsible for damage to the premises and any necessary special cleaning. Some or all of the refundable cleaning/security deposit may be retained by RVUUF at its discretion.
  • Chairs and pews are not to be moved as this may cause damage. Chair/pew moving maybe arranged for a fee by prior arrangement.
  • PIANO & ORGAN ARE NOT TO BE MOVED, except by special arrangement.
  • Nothing is to be placed on the piano or organ, which should not be touched by adults or children unless it is part of the Rental Agreement.
  • Only blue, painters’ masking tape may be used anywhere. Cellophane or duct tape may NOT be used. Blue tape is available in the office and in the drawer in the lobby table.
  • Renter must pay deposits to reserve space and full payment is due 30 days before event.