Soul Matters Program

RVUUF members and supporters journey together in many ways, one of which is the Soul Matters program. This is a UU small-group program that originated in 2006. Today, more than 200 congregations across the country are participating. The content, written by ministers, is rich and provocative.

Small groups of approximately eight people meet one time per month, October through May. Each month has its own theme, and participants receive relevant resources and exercises for exploration. Then, at their monthly meeting, they share their experience and hear from others – about where the theme took them, what it evoked in them.

“This sharing holds perspective on coping with life, while deepening our self awareness and our connections with one another.”

The Soul Matters program, with its regular group contact, is a unique opportunity for new people to form relationships within the congregation.

Covenant is central to Unitarian Universalism. Each Soul Matters group makes a covenant, which is a series of promises that address how they want to be with one another.

“Soul Matters helps us connect to our own authentic selves, to each another, and to the mystery beyond ourselves. Ultimately, this program offers more than stimulating exploration and connections. At its best, it offers a path back home, enriching our spiritual lives and the life of this fellowship.”

RVUUF’s minister, Rev Sean Parker Dennison, works with those who facilitate the groups. Monthly Soul Matters themes are also woven into Sunday services.

For more information about Soul Matters at RVUUF, use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Mary Rexford.