Soul Matters Program

RVUUF’s members and supporters are embarking on a journey together to deepen our connections to ourselves and to each other through a program called Soul Matters. You can register at the bottom of this page.

Soul Matters is a UU small-group program that originated in 2006. Today, more than 190 congregations across the country are participating. The content, written by ministers, is rich and provocative.

The program supports deepening connection within us, with the mystery of life, and with others – through exploration of a variety of themes.

Each circle meets one time per month, October through May. Themes will also be explored in some Sunday services and Religious Explorations classes.

Two to three weeks before each meeting, participants receive a packet on the upcoming theme. Included is a spiritual exercise to wrestle with and reflect on, and a series of questions, from which to choose the one that is the most charged or juicy. Also included are readings to explore, titles of books, videos and films related to the topic, so that you can again choose what most fits with your interests.

Rev. Nan White will train those who co-facilitate the groups. In each circle meeting, we use the time equitably, as we share what it was like to “live with” the exercise and the question. Thus, at each meeting, we talk about where the topic took us, and hear the experience of others. This sharing, rich with perspective and deepening connection in the circle, is at the heart of the Soul Matters program. Group discussion follows the sharing.

RVUUF strongly encourages couples or partners to be in different groups. This affords each person an opportunity to speak for themselves, and is less disruptive to the groups when both people are away.

Soul Matters supports our transition from an “I” church to a “we” church. It takes Unitarian Universalism both wider and deeper, connecting us to our own authentic selves and to something beyond ourselves. Thus, it is enriching to our spiritual lives and the life of this fellowship.

Soul Matters can be a time of stimulating discussion and connection with new friends, but ultimately, at its best, it is a path back home.

If you want to be in a Soul Matters circle, the first step is to register. The deadline is Sept. 15.

Use the Survey Monkey Registration Questionnaire to enroll in the Soul Matters program.

Have your schedule with you, or your availability clear in your mind when you sit down to do this.

Mary Rexford will be available for questions in the RVUUF conference room for 15 minutes after the service ends on Sept. 4 and 11. You can also use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Mary Rexford.