Classes for Orientation

A group of people sit and stand at the front of RVUUF's Great Hall, next to a table with a book on it, open to pages on which names have been written.

New members, honored Oct. 25, 2015.
Photo by Rev. Nan White.

RVUUF has postponed its Fall 2017 series of new-member orientation classes. A new schedule will be created and shared soon.

The purpose of these classes is to provide a better understanding of Unitarian Universalism and RVUUF.

  • Principles of Unitarian Universalism
  • History of Unitarian Universalism and RVUUF
  • Path to RVUUF

To become a member of RVUUF, everyone is encouraged to attend all three classes, especially if you are new to Unitarian Universalism. If you have been a UU elsewhere, we encourage you to take the Path to Membership class as it informs you about RVUUF — including how we govern and suggested ways for you to get integrated into the congregation.

After completing the courses, participants can take part in a new member ceremony. New members will sign the Membership book and be welcomed into the life of RVUUF.

For more information, connect with Colleen Chambers via RVUUF’s contact form.