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Upcoming events, news and other announcements about happenings here at RVUUF.

Worship Team to host information table

The Worship Team invites you to visit its table in the Great Hall from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. after the Sunday, Nov. 19 service. Learn about auxiliary short-term projects or specific skills and interests (such as tech skills; visualizing/choreographing; performance skills/instrumental music/dance; public speaking; writing) that would help to support a specific service or short term project. You do not have to join the worship team in order to help out.

CASA of Jackson County is third-Sunday collection recipient

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Jackson County will be the third-Sunday Social Justice collection recipient this Sunday, Nov. 19. CASA is an organization of volunteer advocates who help abused and neglected children find a safe, permanent home.

“In 2015, there were 840 founded cases of abuse and neglect in Jackson County,” according to CASA of Jackson County. “In an overburdened system, these children risk slipping through the cracks and suffering from further abuse. CASA volunteers have the power to prevent this tragic reality. These dedicated, highly-trained community members serve as fact finders for the judge by researching the background of each assigned case. They speak for the child in the courtroom, representing the child’s best interests, and work to move the child as quickly and effectively as possible through the system and into a safe, permanent home.”

Katy Fox will explain more about CASA during Sunday’s service.

RVUUF’s Social Justice and Action Committee selects a non-profit group to be the recipient of collection-plate offerings taken on the third Sunday of each month. Use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with the Social Justice and Action Committee.

SJ&A supports Ballot Measure 101

RVUUF’s Social Justice and Action Committee supports Ballot Measure 101, a veto referendum on the Jan. 23, 2018 ballot.

From a description on BallotPedia:

“A ‘yes’ vote supports upholding certain taxes on healthcare and healthcare insurance to provide funding for Medicaid expansion by approving five sections of House Bill 2391.

“A ‘no’ vote opposes certain taxes on healthcare and healthcare insurance to provide funding for Medicaid expansion by rejecting five sections of House Bill 2391.”

Visit the SJ&A Committee table in the RVUUF lobby following the Nov. 19 service to learn more about Measure 101.

Socks and gloves donation drive

RVUUF’s Religious Explorations youth will soon assemble boxes of warm winter socks and gloves for adults who seek refuge at Ashland’s Pioneer Hall homeless shelter. All RVUUFians are invited to help by donating socks or gloves for adult men or women. John Wieczoreck says that new, thick, wool or cotton work socks are the most useful items, but insulated gloves are also needed. Look for the green collection bin under the balcony through Thursday, Nov. 30.

Religious Explorations, child pick-up reminder

Cartoon image of a blue chalice with flame. The chalice has a facial expression that includes eyebrows, widely-opened eyes and a smile

Image © 2014 Peter Bowden. Used with permission

RVUUF’s Religious Explorations program reminds parents and caregivers: Pick-up time for children 7 and younger is usually by 11:45 a.m., or 15 minutes after the service ends. Older children are dismissed from class when service ends to join their parents for coffee hour. There will be a friendly, musical pick-up reminder this Sunday at 11:45 a.m.