‘Intention’ is theme in January 2018

RVUUF is examining the Soul Matters theme of “Intention” during January 2018, and this theme will be reflected in its Sunday services. Services take place each Sunday morning in RVUUF’s Great Hall. Gathering music begins at 10:25 a.m. and the service starts at 10:30 a.m.

Jan. 7: And We Shall Go Out in Joy
Each week we sing together at the end of our service: “We shall go out with joy and come back in peace.” As we begin to explore “Intention,” our Soul Matters theme for January, we will consider the power of our intentions and what they ask of us.

Jan. 14: The Limits of Intention
Good intentions are not, in themselves, a bad thing. But they are also not enough. Calling on the legacy of Dr. King and others, we will explore the important distinction between intention and impact, and how this helps us navigate discussions of race, privilege, and justice.

Jan. 21: To Live Each Meaningful Day
In the Buddhist tradition, intention is a powerful call to a larger mindfulness that encompasses not only this moment, but all moments. Today, we will welcome our new members and focus on the power of our intention to bring good to the world and do no harm. The Third Sunday offering benefits RVUUF’s Overnight Parking Program.

Jan. 28: Answering the Call
Unitarian Universalism calls us to social justice work. The social justice team answers that call in many ways. Let us share one of those ways this morning. Do bring your life preservers and hard hats!

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