Greeley Wells exhibiting in RVUUF Gallery

Head-and-shoulders view of Greeley WellSouthern Oregon artist Greeley Wells is currently exhibiting in the RVUUF Gallery, located just off its Main Hall.

Wells has been an artist all his life. He received his M.F.A. in 1970 and for 19 years did fine art and commercial art in Los Angeles. In 1989 he retired from commercial art and moved out of Los Angeles.

Greeley has had 14 one-person shows and many group shows.

Nine years ago, Greeley discovered film-making. He recently won a “Best Short Documentary Film” award at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and an “Audience Choice” award.

Greeley lives off the grid beyond Applegate Lake where he has “endless opportunities for beautiful nature to unfold before his eyes and cameras.” You can see more of his work online at: