‘Circle Dinner’ hosts lined up through March

Eighty-seven guests and many hosts have signed up for RVUUF’s “Circle Dinners” so far. There were two Circle Dinners in September with two more set for October, according to an update in this week’s “News to Note.”

“Circle Dinners” are informal gatherings to “break bread” and further the RVUUF community connection. Each dinner has a host and four to eight guests to keep it intimate and informal.

Hosts have been lined up for two Circle Dinners per month through March 2018, and there will very likely be additional dinners taking place through the spring and summer.

The update advises that each Circle Dinner typically involves four to six guests, so it will “take some time” to work through all 87 guests.

Prior to each dinner, guests will be contacted by hosts to finalize plans. “So, if you are on the guest master list and have not yet been invited to a dinner, don’t worry, your time will come.” If you have questions, use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Cathy Martone.