R.E. to explore ‘Holidays and Holydays’

Cartoon image of a blue chalice with flame. The chalice has a facial expression that includes eyebrows, widely-opened eyes and a smile

Image © 2014 Peter Bowden. Used with permission

The Religious Explorations children have begun a new curriculum for 2017-2018. Children are learning about world religions and celebrations through a UU curriculum called “Holidays and Holydays.”

Currently the children are learning about Judaism and, this week, will begin decorating the Sukkah, a special temporary hut or structure built to honor the harvest. On Sunday Oct. 8, children will be ready to celebrate the Jewish Holiday Sukkot. Fruits and harvests will be shared in the children’s side yard after service, and all ages are welcome.

If you have a passion or connection to a particular faith or celebration, the R.E. program invites you to come share and be a guest in the classrooms. For more information, use RVUUF’s contact form to connect with Lead Teacher Liz Bianco.