Ministerial Discretionary Fund continues in absence of minister

RVUUF has received several inquiries from members asking if the Ministerial Discretionary Fund is being continued in the absence of an employed minister, and the answer is, “a resounding YES!”

“We receive many calls each week from members of our community in urgent need of assistance,” stated a bulletin in this week’s News to Note. “These callers are typically in a dire situation, and need help with the cost of housing, utilities and medicine, urgently.”

RVUUF’s office administrator, Dawn Nightshade, is authorized to approve small expenditures from the Ministerial Discretionary Fund, and larger expenditures require approval by Board President Jim Meckel (standing in while RVUUF seeks a new minister).

Dawn works in concert with other organizations including the Jackson County Fuel Committee, the Ashland Community Resource Center, and St. Vincent de Paul to pool resources to help community members address their needs.

“Thank you to all RVUUFians and Supporters who regularly contribute to this fund. It quite literally saves lives and we are so grateful for your assistance.”