Stewardship: RVUUF has reached 84 percent of goal

RVUUF’s overall goal/pledge commitment for 2016-17 was $189,000. The new goal for 2017-18 is +8.5 percent, or $205,000.

The overall Budget remains pretty “flat”, year-to- year, but zero projected income from a major fundraiser such as an “Auction” and slightly-reduced prospective rental income in 2017-18 were taken into consideration, when crafting the new Budget.

We have received pledges from 97 member households out of a total of 138 households. In addition we have received pledges from 5 supporter households. The total of pledges received to date is $172,720. The average pledge was $1,538 and the median is $1,200.

We have reached 84 percent of our goal. The challenge now is to identify commitments for the remaining $32,280. The 41 households yet to pledge are not expected to close that large of a gap.

Giving to RVUUF is different from other charitable giving. Other non-profits have a great number of
potential sources of funds ranging from local communities to National appeals.

RVUUF, however, has only one source, our members. When we join a UU congregation we enter into a sacred covenant with one another. That means that we treat our commitment to the support of our fellowship as a non-discretionary expense, much like our mortgage, groceries and car insurance.

To reach our goal for a balanced 2017/18 budget we need:

* Those members who have not sent in their pledge yet, to consider all of the above facts, give as generously as you are able and then turn in your pledge ASAP.
* Members who have the ability to fill the gap to go that extra mile

Let’s step up to the plate (the collection plate that is) and hit a home run! Thank You.

The Stewardship Team
Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship