Nan’s News: Congregational life takes commitment and risk

March is blowing in with a flurry of activity at RVUUF and the Soul Matters theme asks, “What does it mean to be a community of risk?”

There are many people who are living on the edge of RVUUF’s engaging work of congregational life on behalf of all the members and supporters of RVUUF. No one knows the end result of the commitments we make and yet we risk jumping in to help anyway. Why? Just read the “Steward’s Corner” in News to Note and the RVUUF blog, and you’ll be touched by the stories of people who find meaning in mission of this fellowship.

To get a sense of the commitments and risk it takes to engage in the work of congregational life look at what all is going on in the Month of March. Courageous people lead and participate in the following ways:

  • The Search Committee is hard at work completing the application for a new Developmental Minister.
  • The Committee on Fellowship Ministry (CFM) is assessing the Focus Groups’ feedback to present recommendations to the Board.
  • The Finance Committee is finishing up a budget proposal for the next fiscal year of 2017-2018.
  • The Stewardship Committee is completing its plans for asking everyone to make a pledge to fund the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
  • The Social Justice and Action Committee is managing the car parking program.
  • The Membership Committee has a full schedule offering classes to anyone interested in knowing more about Unitarian Universalism or becoming a member of RVUUF.
  • The Religious Explorations Support Team is hard at work planning a Sunday service where the children and youth will lead the adults in a meaningful experience.
  • Soul Matters Sharing Circles meet every month for deep sharing and listening led by a facilitator.
  • Affinity groups continue to meet and welcome new people.
  • The Worship Team is making plans for future Sunday services that include welcoming new members on April 2 and supporting the UU Christian group in planning the Easter service.
  • The Neighborhood Teams continue to faithfully support the Sunday morning experience.

For more information, plan to attend the All Committee Night on March 30 by making a reservation for dinner with Katy Fox, $4.

Unfortunately, I will miss the dinner and the fellowship due to my taking a week of vacation to attend a retirement seminar funded by the UUA. I’ll be gone from March 27 to March 31. With gratitude for each other and all that shared ministry offers us. Blessings!

Rev. Nan L. White
Developmental Minister, RVUUF