Steward’s Corner: UU fostered interest in social justice and political activism

We grew up in Methodist households and John’s father was a minister. Not only was the Church our religious underpinning, it was also the community where we made our friends and found our mates. However, by the time we immigrated to the U.S. in 1967 we were on our way to becoming skeptics.

It was a friend from work that introduced us to a UU Fellowship and we have been members ever since. It was that first Fellowship that fostered our interest in social justice and political activism. And over the years, as we have moved around the U.S., we have searched out the nearest UU, and found our community there.

In 2004, while we were living on our sailboat, we went in search of a land base to call home. And we found RVUUF! From that community of like-minded people we have found our family.

RVUUF has given us opportunities to be leaders in the Fellowship and to be involved in causes within the Fellowship and in the community at large. We believe that RVUUF has a role to play in bringing liberal religion and social justice to the Rogue Valley. We support this work with our pledge and with our time.

John and Jan Limb
Members and supporters of RVUUF