Nan’s News: Future will continue to call us out

If you need a good laugh, come to the talent show tonight at 7 p.m. Sam and I will sing again, which tends to cause people to laugh, or at least smile.

I was so very proud of RVUUFians who were able to show up at the Talent City Council meeting to stand in solidarity with our Muslim friends, people of color and immigrants. I was equally impressed with the respectful giving-up of seats when the Mayor asked to make room for the Talent residents. Even though I signed up to speak to the resolution I chose to give up my seat and I emailed the Mayor my remarks. Immediately I received a reply back stating my (our) presence was appreciated and that my written remarks would be added to those who were able to speak that night. Showing up, being willing to speak, stepping aside when asked, are all testimonies to how UU’s live out their principles in the Rogue Valley. The future will continue to call us out and I hope you will always consider how your presence can impact the people who hold power. It was a successful showing of support!

Staying connected to each other and to UU’s in our region is just as important as showing up. If you want to know what’s going on in the state of Oregon and how UU’s are engaged in the work, sign up for the email news for Oregon Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice. The Executive Director of that organization, Rev. Kate Larsell, will be our guest speaker on March 19 at RVUUF. I hope you’ll plan to attend that Sunday service.

Another way to stay connected and up to date with what’s happening in the Pacific Western Region is to sign up for the PWR newsletter or email and ask to be added to the mailing list. Webinars, events, articles of relevance for UU’s are included, and especially for UU leaders.

Showing up, connecting, and empowering each other is what we are called to do if we want to make an impact on the people who hold the power in our local, state and region. This includes the fellowship. I hope you’ll find a way to attend the upcoming Focus Groups on Feb. 19 to give voice to your experiences and thoughts about where RVUUF has thrived and where RVUUF continues to be challenged. I also hope you’ll listen to the voices of each other.

Rev. Nan L. White
RVUUF Developmental Minister