Third-Sunday recipient, Safe Parking Task Force

Today’s third-Sunday collection recipient will be RVUUF’s Safe Parking Task Force, which is working to mitigate homelessness in Ashland by offering a safe space with an outdoor restroom for families without homes to temporarily park their vehicles overnight, without the threat of law enforcement or other types of harassment. The speaker will be Ollie Bucolo, RVUUF’s board liaison to the task force. From a write-up in this week’s “News to Note:”

“The program is based on several other successful programs on the West Coast, primarily in Eugene, Oregon and Washington State, that have pioneered coalitions between faith organizations and local municipalities, providing a safe space on their property for homeless families. As the first of its kind in Southern Oregon, this program will serve as a pilot for the rest of the area. As such, its success is very important in the struggle for affordable housing in Southern Oregon and beyond.”