Homeless issue to be discussed after service this Sunday

At its meeting on May 10, the RVUUF Board discussed the homeless men who have been sleeping on church property and hanging out in the children’s play area. Neighbors, congregants and staff have voiced concerns and complaints.

As summarized in this week’s “News to Note” weekly email bulletin, “Because we are concerned about the homeless people as well as our Beloved Community and neighbors, this is a complicated issue. The Board decided to restrict the homeless from sleeping on the church property and from being in the children’s playground. The Board also will form a taskforce comprised of members from our Safety Team and the Social Justice and Action Committee to recommend policies about how RVUUF might better serve our homeless population.”

The RVUUF board will hold a 15-minute meeting immediately after the service this Sunday, May 15, for congregants who wish to express their views and learn about projects in Ashland to provide shelter for the homeless.